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My husband Jim, the hero in all my stories, was in a horrible auto crash on April 10th and is still hospitalized. He was hit head on by a driver who came hurtling across the road in a huge SUV and smashed our small Escort wagon into a ditch on his side of the road. This occurred only a mile down the road from our home.

He suffered devastating injuries to his ribs and right leg, which was broken in three places. Last week his right foot was amputated since the bones were so smashed up they could not heal. His upper leg is doing fine and the broken ribs have healed. Now it is a matter of regaining strength and learning to walk with a prosthetic after the initial rehab is completed. A lot for him to face and for our whole family to deal with as well. His brothers, sister and our son have all supported him and me wonderfully. We could not be blessed with a greater group of people than our friends.

I hope my readers will understand why I have placed my writing on the back burner and am concentrating on being with him at the hospital. The very day of the accident we had been brainstorming together about the sequel to YANKEE EARL. He had already roughed up three scenes for me to help me past some hurdles. We both hope to return to Fox's story at some point after we see a happy ending for our own story first.

For everyone who has sent cards, offered prayers and good wishes and helped us through these terrible times, I extend my deepest gratitude. Bless you all.



I am so excited that I'm interrupting my usual home page with a special news flash-BookBub has accepted my western historical romance THE RIVER NYMPH as a featured book on sale from March 30 through May 1 for only 0.99 cents. Check out the excerpt on the upcoming page where Delilah literally wins the shirt off Clint's back (and all the rest of his clothes) in a poker game. He walks off the riverboat he's lost wearing nothing but a grin.

When I said my cover artist Kim Killion was putting together a sensational cover for my new romantic suspense, TRAFFICKSTOPPER, I had no idea it would turn out this great. I hope readers agree and enjoy the second installment in my Miami Heat series. Homicide detective Cannon and cardiac surgeon Corrie Waterstone once again meet over a dead body. Not exactly romantic, but it's how their relationship started and this time they're up against the horrific crime of human trafficking. Check out the second excerpt from the book on my upcoming page, or if you want to buy it, just click on your choice of reader below the cover to download. If you missed the first book in the series, HEARTSTOPPER, it's also available on the In Print page.

March came in pretty much as usual, warm and trees budding out here in the Lou. But freezing temps and even snow are in the forecast! Of course, it's like Mark Twain said, "If you don't like the weather in Missouri, wait a minute." Sure hope the peaches and other orchard crops aren't harmed as they were last year. I usually put together and freeze four or five peach pies over the summer so we can enjoy them on all the cold weather holidays. Then I can just get one out of the freezer and pop it directly into a pre-heated 350 degree oven for a couple of hours the morning of the day I want to serve it. If the peach crop where you live is good this summer, you can make your favorite crust recipe, layer sliced peaches, a bit of sugar and several tablespoons of sifted corn starch inside the crust, then add a dash of nutmeg on top. Pile the fruit high as you can, then cover with a top crust or lattice strips. Place pie in a tight plastic bag and pop directly into the freezer. Or, for another spring recipe from Jim, just go to the Recipe page and try his beer-butter chicken on the grill. It's part of our annual celebration of spring in the Lou!

Now I'm back at work on the sequel to YANKEE EARL. Many readers asked for Fox's story. He was the adopted brother of Jason, just a 12 year-old boy in that book. By 1828, he's become quite an infamous rake in London, called the SHAWNEE LORD because of his Indian blood and his connection to his adopted grandfather, the Marquess of Cargrave. Catherine "Cat" Meredith is the granddaughter of Devon and Barbara from LOVE A REBEL. She grew up between her American family in Georgia and her cousin Beth's painting studio in England. Beth is the WANTON ANGEL from the third Blackthorn book. Cat is as notorious as her cousin Beth when she and Fox are drawn together. I'm still in the research/character/plot stages, but will begin the book this month. These characters will have a fun, fast reading adventure in the post Regency era.

Let us hope for a permanent spring to stick with us after the cold snap. Meanwhile, stock up on good books and read...maybe you can even do it outdoors.

Wishing you warm sunshine.


Happy reading,



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