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Winter is here and I have lots to share with you. A light dusting of snow covers our woods, but rising temperatures promise to melt it quickly. I took a bit of a break from my writing schedule during the holidays, holding a Thanksgiving feast, then our traditional family Christmas and a New Year's celebration. But now I'm hunkering down until spring and applying myself to writing. A big thank you to everyone who purchased the first book in my American Lords trilogy, YANKEE EARL during the .99 cent sale in November. This was the best promotion I've done to date and it would not have worked without your great support! Sales on REBEL BARON and TEXAS VISCOUNT are also up considerably, so many readers must like my English setting romances.

I've finally finished the second book in my Miami Heat Series, TRAFFICKSTOPPER. My wonderful graphic artist Kim Killion is working on another sensational cover. Corrie and Cannon gave me fits and the last big action scene at the close of the book was really a tough one to put together, but I hope you'll enjoy their developing relationship and murder-solving adventures. Please check out the opening of the story on the upcoming page.

Now I'm turning my attention to a sequel to YANKEE EARL, Fox's story. The half Shawnee, half white boy from the first book is all grown up and now known in England and America as the SHAWNEE LORD. I promise this book will be filled with the same humor, adventure and romance as all my other stories, regardless of where they are set.

When the mood strikes him, Jim will write another newsletter dealing with the past year's Henke catastrophes, which included his brush with death by medical malfeasance during a hospital stay, a flood on the lower level of our house, a lightening strike to our AC unit during a September hot spell, and the quirky behavior of our cats.

For everyone shivering in winter's grasp, please check out my recipe page for Jim's wonderful chili mac. It will keep you warm on the coldest days.

If you have a fireplace, build a big fire for good cheer. Regardless, keep reading more good books and don't forget the two comic romance novellas at the side of this page are breezy reads and free introductions to my western historicals.

Happy reading as we move nearer to cold weather, Keep warm with a good book!


Happy reading,


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