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Watch for 'A Christmas Melody" coming mid-November, a sweet and cheery romance to celebrate family and the redeeming power of love. It brings together characters from two of my previous novels and is set in London during the holiday season of 1904.

This was a gloomy exile for Patrick Madigan, the younger son of Rory and Rebekah (BROKEN VOWS). Patrick enjoys the hospitality of his father's old friend Josh Cantrell and his wife Sabrina (TEXAS VISCOUNT). After a disastrous romance with a fortune-hunting saloon girl in Virginia City, Nevada, Patrick has been packed off to find a suitable bride and Sabrina is playing matchmaker.

The only problem is none of the English misses spark Patrick's interest. And the cold and foggy London winter makes him long for his sunny Nevada home. Walking back to the Cantrell city house one evening in a sleet storm, he hears enchanting piano music and sees a warm fire glowing inside the Wolf & the Dove. Both the piano and the crackling flames lure him into the classy bordello against his better judgment. After all, this is the very kind of place that caused his banishment. Then he sees Thea Woodbridge playing and is entranced.

Thea is a country vicar's daughter fallen on hard times since her father died and his brother the Earl of Suthington cast her and her mother out. She makes it clear to the madam in charge that she will tickle the ivory keys, nothing else. From the moment she sees Patrick's darkly handsome face, she is drawn to him. But when she learns he is the son of a wealthy American and resides with Viscount Wesley, Thea knows nothing can come of her attraction. She is just a piano player in a bordello and he is far above her reach.

But Patrick turns on his Irish charm and the two begin to spend time together. Every night when he can escape Sabrina's matchmaking, he sits at a front table, refusing all the blandishments of the prostitutes. Worrying about her safety, he rescues an Irish wolfhound and gives Yule to her as a Christmas present.

But Patrick faces a dilemma. Thea is the woman he loves, but after his first infatuation with a prostitute ended in pain and deception, he has doubts. Is Thea as innocent as she appears? Also, he knows it would break his parents' hearts if he wed a girl from a bordello.

The greedy madam sees Patrick as a threat to her plans for selling the virginal girl to a dissolute nobleman. When Madam Sophie's attempts to have him killed fail, she lets the old marquess kidnap her. Patrick and Yule come to her rescue with a bit of help from the Texas viscount. Humor, a bit of adventure and a lot of romance fill the notes in this "melody." I hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoyment, I have posted a new recipe for a cold winter's day. Click Recipe page and check it out. If you missed my other new book, SHAWNEE LORD, read the excerpt from it on the Upcoming page. It's my new addition to the American Lords series. Both books are perfect stocking stuffer for any woman on your list.


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