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I've always tried to keep my e-book prices affordable for readers, charging only $2.99 for backlist and $3.99 for e-book originals. Now, I decided to take a pair of novellas, my Warfields duology, and offer them for free. They're around 25,000 words each, humorous romantic romps about two half brothers, one the heir to an earldom playing hooky, the other the Eurasian bastard son who has made a fortune in the China trade. They meet two very unconventional women, one a cook's helper in a San Francisco bordello and the other a con woman looking to land a rich husband in Denver. Both gals cause no end of troubles for the heroes in "Falling in Love" and "Love for Sail". If you enjoy these stories, they're a good introduction to my style of Western and English historical romance novels. Read brief excerpts from each on my Upcoming page. I've titled them books 1 and 2, but you can read them in either order.

All my writer friends are urging me to learn more about how to promote and free books are a good way to start. The problem is, of course, that Jim and I must master the intricacies of cyber space. Might as well ask us to take the controls of that Juno mission to Jupiter! Amazon and Nook dealt us our first blow when we couldn't just change the price on the novellas to zero. Had to go about it another way. It's been a struggle, but we're groping our way forward. I'm trying to keep all my friends on Face Book informed about our ups and downs, as well as my problems with Corrie and Cannon in the sequel to HEARTSTOPPER. This second book in my Miami Heat series should be written by summer's end. Then my pal Carol Reynard and I are going to Alaska! I promise to share pictures when we return. This trip has been on my "bucket list" for many years.

Jim had quite a serious health challenge earlier this year, but I'll let him entertain you with his experiences in the hospital and during subsequent recovery...as only he can in his inimitable hyperbole. Check the Newsletter page for some gallows humor, Henke style. Given the economy, I know how difficult it to afford expensive cuts of meat, so one of my favorites, Chuck Roast a la Steak, is new on the Recipe page. It's perfect for summer grilling.

Enjoy the sunshine and always take your e-reader along if you travel.


Happy reading,



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